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AgroLED iSunlight 21 Watt T5 2 ft White 5500 K LED Lam


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The 41 or 21 watt 5,500°K T5 HO replacement LED lamps are an excellent choice for the propagation and veg cycles of your plants life. The iSunlight® T5 lamps are an intelligent LED that is specifically designed to work with your existing T5 HO fluorescent fixture. The iSunlight® 4 foot lamp produces over 5,100 lumens with only 41 watts of consumed power and the 2 foot lamp produces over 2,400 lumens with only 21 watts of consumed power. These are environmentally friendly and mercury free lamps.




Upc: 849969022995



Volume (cf): 0.2532

Dim Weight (in3/lb): 2.2553

Weight (lb): 6.0

Length (in): 22.6

Width (in): 4.4

Height (in): 4.4

Product Weight (lb):

Product Length (in):

Product Width (in):

Product Height (in):

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